Smoked haddock risotto

This recipes at random smoked haddock risotto was a random brain wave I had one night, one of the better ones!


2 smoked haddock fillets
Milk (to cover haddock)
1 leek
1 garlic clove, crushed
A dollop of margarine, butter or splash of olive oil
250g risotto rice
Glass of white wine
Chicken stock
Shelled garden peas
Grated parmesan
Freshly ground black pepper


  1. Poach smoked haddock fillets in milk. Strain the milk off and keep it, loosen up the fish a bit (remove skin and bones if there are any).
  2. Half the leek lengthwise and then slice thinly. Fry that and a garlic until soft in marg, butter or olive oil or a mixture.
  3. Add risotto rice. Fry the risotto rice for a while (a few min).
  4. Add a big glass of white wine. Carry on cooking like you would make risotto normally (or follow the instructions on the box/bag that the rice came in). After the wine I used half chicken stock and half milk from poaching the fish.
  5. When the rice is just about cooked add a handful of shelled garden peas.
  6. Once the risotto is cooked add the fish (don’t stir so much as to break up all the fish), fresh grated parmesan and black pepper.

2 thoughts on “Smoked haddock risotto

  1. I’d maybe do my fish pie rather than this, I don’t think the old dears would like it in risotto – Mum doesn’t like the consistency and Dad doesn’t really like rice! Fussy old buggers ;)

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